netlog's concept works for all national and international trade fairs. The customer will receive his booth ready to use. Shop furnishings are collected, assembled and packed at the different manufacturers' sites. Pre-assembled shelves and furnishings are delivered to and set up at the different beverage shops at the times agreed on. Tents, gates, separations, forklifts, trucks, assembly teams, generators, stages & stands, light and sound systems and many others must be coordinated and aligned with each other. Services on and around the trade fair area, such as customs handling, forklift provision, empties and filled goods manipulation, transport to and from the trade fair area and many others are offered by netlog network logistix. Trade fair services includes trade fair logistics and trade fair forwarding, e.g. organisation from the exhibitor's site to the trade fair booth, trade fair setup and removal, assembly and disassembly, document generation and customs handling.


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netlog's concept works for all national or international trade fairs. The customer receives his booth ready to use. Only the number of square meters of the next booth is transmitted to netlog. We do all the rest!

Storage, maintenance and picking of the booth. Logistics from storage to trade fair booth and back, assembly and disassembly of the trade fair booth and exhibits, rented furniture and other furnishings (plants, coffee machine, etc.) on the trade fair, catering, etc.